“Art is the one thing that will never die, never change, and something that you can never lose hope in. It will always stay hanging on a wall, or in the back room of a gallery. Even if it is destroyed, its impression has been there. It has changed lives, and will continue to change lives from one beating artist’s heart to the next. It is a succession. It will never stop. Art will stay in people’s mind, in people’s hearts, and in their souls. It’s there. It’s alive. It’s love. It’s fucking art. And it always will be.” - The Dove Keeper
Comme le soleil interminable.

Rainbow by ~Welody

Gerard Stricher’s studio

Train in vain

Jesus Christ, this was one extremely difficult sketch. But I’m excited to paint it. Since I don’t have a direct reference, I can mess around with the colors and lighting and all that. :)
Commission for pollutedfiction.

Downtown Mpls & freeway

jeremy o’sullivan